• Sunny Kaercher
    Miller Soils
    • Dive into the Rhizosphere: The Importance of Soil-Root-Microbe Interactions
  • Jeff Lowenfels
    Lord of the Roots
    Teaming With Microbes
    • Use the Soil Food Web to Grow Amazing Organic Cannabis
  • Hope Jones, PhD
    Chief Scientific Officer
    C4 Laboratories
    • Micropropagation & Cannabis Cultivation: Applications & Advantages of Tissue Culture Techniques
  • Adam Jacques
    Master Grower
    The Growers Guild Gardens
    • Breeding & Cultivating CBD-Rich Cannabis to Achieve Therapeutic Results
  • Ellen Taylor Brown
    Grower Education Ambassador
    ProMAX Grow
    • The Fundamentals of Indoor Cultivation: Exploring Best Practices for the Personal Grower
  • Joe Edwards
    Cure Master
    Yofumo Technologies
    • Proper Curing Techniques: Using the Post-Harvest Process to Improve Your Bottom Line
  • Patrick Rea
    • Venture Finance for Cannabis Growers: 10 Tips for Raising Capital & Managing Investors
  • Brandy Keen
    Surna, Inc
    • Indoor Cannabis Energy Usage Solutions: 6 Ways To Conserve While Increasing Crop Yield
  • Todd Dalotto
    Horticultural Scientist
    CAN! Research, Education & Consulting
    • Cannabis Hoophouse Production: Maximizing the Sun, Soil, and Microbial Biome, Minimizing Electricity, Expenses, and Pesticides
  • Travis W. Bliss, Ph.D., Esq
    Intellectual Property Attorney
    Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney
    • Patents, Trademarks, & Licensing: How Breeders & Growers Can Protect & Monetize New Cannabis Cultivars
  • Adam Maher
    Senior Vice President
    • Own Your Energy: The Power of Building Your Own Private Micro Grid
  • Martin C.T. Anderson
    Director of Technical Services
    BPG Solutions
    • Reduce Your #1 Operating Expense in Cannabis Cultivation Using Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
  • Christian West
    Master Grower
    Sproutly USA
    • The Game of Clones: A Complete Guide to Cannabis Cloning
  • Ketch DeGabrielle
    Facility Designer
    Qloris Consulting
    • Addressing Yeast & Mold in Your Grow-Operation: Risks, Economic Impact, & Solutions
  • Jennifer Germano
    Cannabis Compliance Specialist
    ICS Consulting
    • Get Compliant: Keep Up with Growing Regulations & Create a Culture of Compliance
  • Charlie Hayes
    Advanced Treatment Technologies
    • The Science Behind Oxygen & Water’s Relationship with Cannabis
  • Zacariah L. Hildenbrand, Ph.D.
    Chief Scientific Officer
    Inform Environmental
    • Understanding How Our Environment Affects Cannabinoid & Terpene Expression
  • Scott Jordan
    Director of Business Development
    Dynamic Alternative Finance
    • Funding Solutions for Cannabis Cultivators: How to Acquire Loans and Equipment to Expand Your Operation
  • Jay Kitchen
    Master Grower
    • Pest & Plague Management for the Indoor Garden
  • Eric Singleton
    Managing Partner
    The Trimmer Store
    • Evolution of Cannabis Harvesting: Learn to Reduce Stress and Costs Through Proficiency & Automation
  • Dr. Marc Plinke
    Ceres Greenhouse
    • Energy-Efficient Climate Control for Cannabis Greenhouses
  • Shane Davis
    Doyen Elements
    • Using Robotics to Establish Efficiencies in the Modern Day Cannabis Grow
  • Elton Prince
    Master Extractor
    • Best Practices for Producing High Quality Extracts & Concentrates