• Jay Kitchen
    Master Grower
    • Do You Even Grow, Bro? The Fundamentals of Cultivating Cannabis
  • Christian West
    Master Grower
    Wanderlust Curative
    • Cannabis Biology: Navigating Nutrient Pathways
  • Sunny Kaercher
    Miller Soils
    • Dive into the Rhizosphere: The Importance of Soil-Root-Microbe Interactions
  • Elton Prince
    Master Extractor
    The Alchemists Guild
    • The Art of Extracts: Exploring Different Extraction Methods
  • Ellen Taylor Brown
    Master Grower
    Sinsemilla Seminars & Pro MAX Grow
    • Become Brilliant at the Basics Of Home Cultivation
  • Brian McSpadden Gardener
    Director of R&D
    Sustane Natural Fertilizers
    • Bioproduct Inputs: Rules for Properly Selecting & Applying Different Classes of Organic Inputs
  • Keith Allen
    Computational Biologist
    Allen BioConsulting
    • Genomics of Oil Content in Cannabis: Progress and Opportunities
  • Hope Jones, PhD
    Chief Scientific Officer
    C4 Laboratories
    • Cultivating Cannabis from Tissue Cultures: Applications & Advantages of Tissue Culture Techniques
  • Adam Jacques
    Master Grower
    The Growers Guild Gardens
    • Breeding & Cultivating High CBD to Achieve Therapeutic Results
  • Jennifer Martin
    Master Grower
    Marijuana Propagation
    • Nutrients: An Advanced Plant Health Seminar
  • Drew Plebani
    Soil Scientist / Permaculture Designer
    Commercial Cultivator
    • Improving Operational Efficiency in Your Grow
  • Steve Kruss
    Lighting Designer
    Light-Waves Electronics
    • The Science of Spectrum - LED Lighting Uncovered
  • Christie Lunsford
    Founder, Endocannabinoidology / COO, Pro MAX Grow
    Endocannabinoidology & Pro MAX Grow
    • Cultivate Consciously: A Guide to Evolving Your Current Grow into a More Sustainable Operation
  • Zacariah L. Hildenbrand, Ph.D.
    Chief Scientific Officer
    Inform Environmental
    • Optimal Cannabinoid and Terpene Biogenesis: Altering Environmental Conditions to Encourage Plant Diversity
  • Cody & Craig Witt
    Strategist / Soil Mixologist
    Full Circle Soils & Compost
    • A Deeper Look at Soil: Interpreting & Maximizing Your Soil's Fertility
  • Rebecca Gasca
    Founder & CEO
    Pistil + Stigma
    • Cultivating in Compliance: What's Expected & Pitfalls to Avoid
  • Charlie Hayes
    Advanced Treatment Technologies
    • The Role of Oxygen in Cannabis: Why It's Critical & How to Maximize Oxygen in Your Plants
  • Josh Conley
    Greenhouse Designer
    NextG3n Greenhouse
    • Greenhouse Cannabis Cultivation: Building Greenhouses for the Commercial Grower
  • Shane Yoakam (Sunycheba)
    Cannabis Breeder, Hemp Farmer, and Grower
    Creator of: Double Purple Doja, Black Cherry, V.2 BC Soda
    • Craft Cannabis: Breeding Exceptional & Unique Cannabis Cultivars
  • Ray Bowser III (Odie Diesel)
    Cannabis Breeder, Hemp Farmer, and Grower
    Creator of: Dr. Who, Quantum Kush
    • Craft Cannabis: Breeding Exceptional & Unique Cannabis Cultivars
  • Travis W. Bliss, Ph.D., Esq
    Intellectual Property Attorney
    Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney
    • Protecting your Cannabis Intellectual Property: Understanding the Types of IP Available to Breeders & Growers
  • Pranav Sood
    Chief Executive Officer
    • Inventory Management for Cannabis Cultivators: Top 10 Best Practices
  • Joel Gunn
    Master Grower & Horticulturist
    Hayes Park Hydroponic
    • The True Cost of Cultivation: Determining Cost Per Ounce & Utilizing the Data to Improve Your Grow Op
  • Mike Cawley
    Master Grower
    Geek Farms / Grow Geek
    • Branding, Marketing, & Distribution for Craft Cannabis Cultivators