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Cultivation Week 2020 & The 10th CannaGrow Expo
November 9 – 13, 2020 | Palm Springs, CA

COVID-19 Guarantee: Confidence in Commitment

What We're Doing for Exhibitors

We understand planning for events during COVID-19 is difficult, and that’s why Cultivation Week (including HempConference West, The 10th CannaGrow Expo, and Extraction Summit) will be held as a live and virtual event.

With purchase of your booth at the live event, you’re guaranteed a booth at the virtual event. If we must cancel the live event due to health and community concerns, you’ll receive a 50% refund of your live booth cost and maintain your spot in the virtual event.

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CannaGrow Expo booths start at $2695 for an in-line 10×10,
and include 2 staff passes, 2 guest expo-only passes, and inclusion in the CannaIndustry 2021 Buyer’s Guide

$199/nt hotel rates at the Renaissance Palm Springs Hotel while they last!
If you sell to growers and extractors, don’t miss this event!

Email us at for an exhibit & sponsorship prospectus, or complete the form below:

Who Attends CannaGrow Palm Springs

2800+ Cannabis Growers, Grow Managers, Extractors, and Grow Enthusiasts.
96%+ of cultivator attendees come from the US & Canada.

Who Should Exhibit

If you sell a product or service involved in the cannabis cultivation or extraction process, you should be here. 

Grow Stores
Garden Fertilizers & Nutrients
Grow Mediums & Soils
Ballast/Electrical Systems
Lighting Solutions
Security Systems
Labs & Testing

Environment Control Systems
Monitoring & Test Equipment
Harvesting Tools
Extraction Equipment
Grow Consultants
Lamps, Bulbs & LEDs
Sensors & Automation
Grow Tents & More…

Releasing a new product or service?
Do it at the CannaGrow Expo!

Past Exhibitor Testimonials

“CannaGrow was one of the better events of the year for us. For those where education is important, this is THE event.”

  • Vegamatrix

“My experience met all my expectations and beyond. I have traveled the world touring many events and have to say this was by far one of the most memorable events I have participated in. WELL DONE!!”

  • GS Thermal Solutions

“The CannaGrow Expo is by far the best show we have exhibited at. We have made the most solid business connections and sold the most product through our ONE CannaGrow Expo than any other show we have done. It was refreshing to have a crowd of serious professionals. Thank you for bringing us all together CannaGrow!”

  • Drain Away Drain Tray

“This was our ‘coming out’ show in this industry and we really wanted to focus on the growers so we researched the top 25 national cannabis-related events and found the CannaGrow Expo was the best fit for us. It was just the right size, we were able to get our message out, and the attendees clearly came away with a valuable learning experience. We’re already getting phone calls for tours from this show.”

  • Airstream Innovations

“The CannaGrow expo was a great platform to meet with like minded individuals in an intimate and relaxed setting.”

  • AMARE Technologies

“Great show. All of us long time vendors have been to a lot of these things, some better than others. We all know what it’s like to show up and not talk to a single interested individual, or have to wade through a mess of dab smoke to try and do business…
Well, CannaGrow wasn’t like that at all. Nearly every single person that I talked to was an industry professional or an investor all thirsty for knowledge, new tech, or simply some direction for their new venture. I made more meaningful contacts at this show than I ever have at a cup or some of the other business to business conferences out there. Well done, looking forward to coming again!”

  • Terpp Extractors

“I think the high price of admission weeded out a lot of the looky-lous. The staff went above and beyond to make sure the event went smoothly. The facility was top notch. Overall you guys did a great job and I couldn’t ask for more.”

  • DaKine420

“Comparing CannaGrow to the other shows we have attended, CannaGrow events are particularly more focused at the actual grower. This is and has been very helpful for our company to grow. Keep it up!”

  • Soil-Tek Organics

“The location and show was a perfect setup, size and we did a ton of solid business! CannaGrow Expo puts on a fantastic tradeshow with great accommodations and customer service. The show was packed with real professional attendees that were there for business.”

  • Gro-Tech Systems Greenhouses

“The CannaGrow Expo is on another level.. it’s where the real networking and educating takes place!”

  • Seed Vault of CA

“CannaGrow has been a valuable show for us every time we’ve been an exhibitor. The attendees are serious, motivated, and knowledgeable and have resulted in hot leads. The expo is fun and exciting.”

  • Paradigm Supercritical Innovations

“We are a new company that decided to use the CannaGrow Expo to launch our products. The number of exhibitors was just right for us not to get lost in the mix. Thank you for a smooth show and the opportunity to network with just the right crowd.”

  • Paradigm Supercritical

“Highly educational and professionally hosted show that attracted serious and professional minded attendees.”

  • Nuvia Technologies

“As someone who had been to numerous cannabis industry shows, the lead quality at the CannaGrow Expo is unrivaled. There are so many experts, both as vendors and attendees, that it’s hard not to learn something every time!”

  • Cannabis Irrigation Supply

“The CannaGrow Expo provided our company exposure to an audience that we encounter difficulty cultivating leads from. This was a productive weekend and we have become a “business partner” for equipment rental to attendees and vendors alike.”

  • HERC Rentals

“The CannaGrow Expo is a legitimate educational experience that breaks away from other cannabis events that may put more emphasis on the “recreational” side to the industry rather than creating an environment where cannabis professionals can grow and learn from one another. We’ll be back!”

  • Full Circle Soils & Compost

“The venue was great. The timing of the event was perfect. The networking was invaluable.”

  • Phoenix Pharms

“The CannaGrow Expo shines among the canna-focused events by providing cultivators the right balance of knowledge and exposure to new products and services that support growing. We connected with many in the growing community as well as other businesses, and shared appreciation for this exciting industry.”

  • Foliar Essence

“Being an exhibitor at CannaGrow was one of the most valuable investments we have made to date. The contacts were exactly what we are looking for and were quality and sincere.”

  • Bloom Yellow Bottles

“Strong business to business leads!”

  • Lambert Peat Moss

“The concentrated gathering of no-nonsense industry professionals at CannaGrow created space for in-depth discussions and quality networking opportunities. This expo has tremendous value!”

  • GreenBroz

“I had more attendees and vendors stop by to talk than any expo I’ve been to in years. It was a very productive experience.”

  • PIXIS Labs

“CannaGrow is a terrific show that brings growers, what the growers need, and what they are looking for together under one roof.”

  • Pro MAX Grow

“Great location, facility and support. I thought the show was seamlessly run. Very professional. The hosting staff were also excellent and everything was kept clean throughout. Nice touch for an expo.”

  • Tom’s Tumble Trimmer

“The staff at the CannaGrow Expo have been extremely accommodating and professional. I recommend this show to anyone who is serious about growing cannabis and networking with like-minded individuals.”

  • Master Organic Soil Solutions

“This event was very organized and professional. I love the branding and the theme in space that the CannaGrow Expo provides. “

  • Garden Gear Supply

“All the license holders, or their cultivators, from Reno/Sparks attended as well as cultivators from Las Vegas, AZ, OR, CA, NM, CO and MA. Quality conversations with quality clientele – CannaGrow does it again!”

  • Urban-Gro

“As a company, we try very hard to pick and choose what shows are going to be the best for us to attend. We decided to give this one a try. I would have to say that of all the shows I have been to, this is one of the classiest, low-stress, friendliest shows. It did not matter if you had a 10×10 booth or a huge booth, everyone was treated with the respect and dignity that should be afforded to each and every exhibitor at every show. I do believe that some of the other shows that do B2B are very good as well, but this was a definite step above the rest. Some of those “other” shows should learn from you on how to treat exhibitors. Although it was a bit on the smaller scale and a more intimate gathering, everyone was treated as if they matter and it was obvious you think we do. Kudos for how well put together this show was, and thank you for the amazing treatment.”

  • Across International

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As COVID-19 continues to ravage the United States, we've discussed in detail our options for hosting Cultivation Week 2020 in Palm Springs with the venue, city officials, and the California CDC. At this time, we've decided there's no safe way for us to host this event in 2020, and have postponed Cultivation Week to our 2021 dates, September 14-19, 2021, in Palm Springs, CA.

Please do your part in wearing a mask. The event industry and all ancillary businesses touched by events have been crushed by COVID-19, putting millions out of work abruptly. This impact is felt particularly hard in the cannabis industry where federal relief funds are not available to many.
The fastest recovery from this downturn comes from everyone doing their part to combat the continued spread of COVID-19 so we can all get back to business safely, and soon!
So please, wear a mask (properly!).

All tickets, booths, and sponsorships purchased will be pushed forward to Cultivation Week 2021, September 14 - 19, 2021 in Palm Springs, CA.