Past Attendee Testimonials

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“CannaGrow is so amazing! The attendees, instructors, classes and vendors. The ideas shared and knowledge gained was fantastic!”

“The absolute best event for anyone looking to be involved in the cannabis grower community.”

“I thought I was an advanced grower going into this, and I still left with a notebook full of ideas!”

“Really glad I decided to come. The grower networking roundtables was worth the price of admission alone.”

“CannaGrow is a terrific show that brings growers, what the growers need, and what they are looking for together under one roof.”

“Come learn from your peers, feel valued, and ask anything. Come to the CannaGrow Expo.”

“CannaGrow Expo, what a great experience! The knowledge, contacts and vendor exhibits/samples we experienced were more valuable than the time and travel costs. Great investment!”

“I had an amazing learning and networking experience. I came from Chile to meet all the master growers and see the future happening here.”

CannaGrow Expo

“The best expo I’ve been to specific to growers and cultivation.”

“Great information for experienced cultivators.”

“CannaGrow offered information for everyone; from the novice grower to the professional. Staff was friendly, and the food was amazing too!”

“Unique audience among industry events: the real cultivation practitioners.”

“CannaGrow offers a fantastic opportunity for networking! The atmosphere is super chill and everyone is very friendly.”

“A great place to share best practices between conscientious cannabis cultivators.”

“The invaluable amount of scientific knowledge, networking opportunities, and hospitality shines through and cannot be matched.”

“I am a novice grower and CannaGrow speakers both answered my myriads of questions and brought a wealth of education to this two day event.”

“CannaGrow is an expo for growers with high quality speakers and vendors dedicated to education and knowledge sharing rather than advertising and giveaways.”

“The CannaGrow Expo is an amazing event where you can make both personal and professional connections in the cannabis industry.”

“Lovely location, friendly vendors, great food!”

Fun and educational weekend for anyone who enjoys the cannabis plant. Networking, swag and munchies for everyone.

“CannaGrow is as inviting to newcomers as it is experts, and brings together growers and suppliers from across the country to learn from one another. I’ll definitely be back.”

“The CannaGrow Expo is a very empowering event for anyone interested in being involved in the amazing cannabis growing revolution!”

“The CannaGrow Expo is a great place to learn about cannabis cultivation and meet other cannabis enthusiasts from around the world.”

“You have a lot of information from beginners to commercial growers. I left there feeling very confident on how to move forward.”

“A fun filled day of valuable education from beginner grower to master. A must attend event for serious growers!”

“Great! Amazing information on cannabis growing, and the networking was phenomenal. Highly recommended!”

“Fantastic conference to learn the ins and outs of the cultivation of cannabis.”

“As a first time attendee I found the information very valuable. At the end of the day, it’s all about the people.”

“My husband and I were really impressed with what we learned during the breakout sessions.”

“Great insight into growing and the medicinal value of cannabis. Looking forward to future shows.”

“Low cost quality networking with a good trade show.”

“Very informative, good atmosphere, good info, good time all around! I learned a lot.”

“This was the first grow expo that I have ever attended, and I was very pleased with the quality of the sessions and the atmosphere of collaboration.”

“Great learning experience and well put together event!”

“Do continue the quality and quantity of generous food, drinks, and entertainment. Ice cream is a great idea!”

“A good place to better understand the culture and business side of the cannabis industry.”

“Incredible experience. I even learned things I didn’t know that I didn’t know! Can’t wait for next year!”

“CannaGrow allowed me to connect with companies face to face. I was able to gain the knowledge I need to succeed for many years to come!”

“Learned a lot from the different classes and really appreciate the various experts you brought in. I’m very versed in hydroponics but to be able to listen to experts on LED lights, greenhouses, outdoor, etc. really expanded my mind and knowledge.”

“CannaGrow Expo is an experience that needs to be attended to realize the full potential of your abilities to take advantage of the recent changes in cannabis laws across the nation.”

“The best cannabis conference I’ve been to yet!”

“Worth the trip! Especially from a networking perspective.”

“Beautiful venue, great cannabis growing education, great networking!”

“CannaGrow brings together passionate, like minded people. Ideas and perspectives are shared, lifelong friendships are made. Absolutely incredible!”

“The Cannagrow Expo lends information to a wide variety of attendees, from users to growers to people in the business for years. Fun environment!”

“Very beneficial information given throughout this conference. Lots of cool vendors to talk with in between classes.”

“I was very impressed with all the vendors and learned so much from them. Speakers information invaluable.”

“A fantastic balance of relevant market and technical discussion as well as meaningful business development opportunities.”

“CannaGrow Expo was an amazing opportunity to connect with people who are open and passionate about growing.”

“A great venue to learn about the best practices of cannabis cultivation and the standards of excellence in processing.”

“A business expo that was truly a business expo, and with a lot of good information!”

“Met great people, learned a lot, and had a wonderful time in Denver… Thank you very much!”

“A great hub for the MMJ world.”

“The CannaGrow Expo was an amazing networking opportunity!”

“The CannaGrow Expo is a real growers event! The networking you can accomplish is un-matched.”

“Great event, enlightened speakers, and awesome cannabis enthusiasts just like you.”

“CannaGrow was INCREDIBLE! Pioneers, new technologies, so much to see and learn! Speakers were amazing, knowledgeable and willing to SHARE!!”

“A useful immersion into cannabis cultivation and how much it has changed. Great for networking in the growing community.”

“CannaGrow Expo was very informative and beneficial!”

“From breeders to cultivators to manufacturers, CannaGrow Expo is a gathering of the people who will shape the future of the cannabis industry.”

“Perfect educational and networking event for people serious about producing fine cannabis. I plan on attending annually.”

“The CannaGrow Expo combined the best of everything in the grow community. Knowledgeable sessions lead by best-in-class speakers, focused on growers.”

“An incredible meeting place of true cannabis cultivation professionals. Can’t wait for the next one!”

“Informative social gathering geared toward innovation in the growing cannabis industry.”

“The trade show was fantastic. All vendors very knowledgeable.”

“I compliment the team for highly educational and professionally hosted show that attracted serious and professional minded attendees. Generous food & drink too!”

“Excellent learning experience at excellent price. As cultivator I plan on sending my staff.”

“A very enlightening experience, many great speakers to network with one on one.”

CannaGrow Expo

“CannaGrow was like meeting up with the family you never knew you had. It was made up of so many passionate and knowledgeable people.”

“Bitchin’ and Motivating!!”

“The CannaGrow expo was a great platform to meet with like minded individuals in an intimate and relaxed setting.”

“A fantastic array of multi-disciplined individuals both teaching and in the audience. Networking opportunities abound.”

“I wish it lasted longer. So inspiring!”

“I’ve never been to an event where I was treated so well. Just the wonderful atmosphere you guys created, I will remember for a long time.”

“The CannaGrow Expo was a fulfilling experience. From front desk check-in throughout the entire event, the staff were all friendly and helpful. There was so much information available to all levels of growers. The classroom presenters were top notch in their fields, and the topics were varied and pertinent. The display vendors were friendly, knowledgeable, and offered relevant services and goods. Even the lunches were great! The schedule of classes were clearly posted and adhered to. It was a well put together event. I would recommend it to any in the industry as well to anyone interested in getting into the industry.”

Very informative! First show that I’ve been to in this industry, and I look forward to the next CannaGrow Expo!

“As a grower, this was my first cannabis expo, and I was very pleased with my experience. I will be attending future CannaGrow Expo shows!”

CannaGrow Expo

“A fun and informative 2-day conference offering world-class speakers on various cannabis topics, vendors, amazing lunches, and an open bar!”

“The grower networking roundtables with each table having a topic of interest/style of cultivation was the most valuable, hands-down.”

“CannaGrow is a place to meet professional, altruistic people in the industry who are there to help you grow.”

“I really have nothing but positive things to say and I greatly appreciate the experience.”

“An awesome event made for serious growers.”

“What is most valuable about CannaGrow is building on the experience of others.”

“Well planned, and well-organized event.”

“The expo is beneficial for hobby growers to professional growers and anyone in between! Speakers, networking, food – great & informative!”

“CannaGrow was an amazing refresher on my horticultural skills and a unique glimpse into this rapidly expanding industry.”

“Loved the networking at this event!”

“A time to learn many different trends in the cultivation of cannabis.”

I was extremely impressed with the knowledge of both the vendors and the speakers. CannaGrow was a great experience!

“I came to CannaGrow Reno to get away from the grow for a few days, but I left with much more – knowledge, professional contacts, and a handful of beans!”

“It was the perfect experience I needed.”

“The CannaGrow expo provides an excellent opportunity to bring growers of all levels together to learn, network and expand their knowledge.”

“An opportunity for cannabis enthusiasts of all levels to network with and be educated by the leaders of innovation in the industry.”

“It was great to be around other growers openly sharing information.”

CannaGrow California

“The CannaGrow Expo was truly a once in a lifetime experience. Great information and awesome people!”

“A very educational, and awesome experience!”

“Excellent! CannaGrow Expo had a diverse line-up of programs to educate and inform all participants. An outstanding opportunity to meet and network!”

“Dude, whoa, it was great!!”

“Great opportunity to learn about the latest trends, technologies, and techniques in the cannabis cultivation industry.”

A very professional event with great networking and educational opportunities. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning about the cannabis industry.

“CannaGrow is a great place to meet fellow growers and experts willing to share, as well as talk to vendors. Great food too!”

“CannaGrow was a great place to network, learn, and grow in this business!”

“CannaGrow Expo is the best source of cultivation information. If you are looking to find a place in the industry, go to CannaGrow!”

“A great niche, personable event designed for quality education with an emphasis on advice and best practices for growers.”

“I learned a lot! Good experience.”

“A beautiful educational networking event for a fast growing industry.”

“A very informative event for all. Environment was conducive to learning. Great vendors, great food, and time to network!”

“The CannaGrow expo was a great learning experience and an amazing networking event!”

“Where it all began, the black, grey, white growers and supporters market meeting place. Loved the diversity!”

“The vendors were great. The location was perfect.”

“An interesting experience. A chance to get to know some of the industry leaders.”

“Great experience. Learned methods and techniques I will try.”

“Concentrating tons of information in 2 high-impact days, CannaGrow offers an ideal venue to advance your understanding of cannabis.”

“Love it! This is 2nd time I’ve attended…”

“Great concept, invaluable resources.”

A good place to learn more about cannabis growing trends!

“I made so many new connections at the CannaGrow Expo. I can’t wait to re-connect with all of them!”

“I feel that these events are important for wholesalers and vendors alike. It allows each to see what their competition is doing and improve.”

“CannaGrow Expo is an experience that needs to be attended to realize the full potential of your abilities to take advantage of the recent changes in cannabis laws across the nation”

It was a great experience, and by the time I left, I have made some great connections! Already looking forward to the next one.”

“Attending CannaGrow Expo deepens your understanding of this life-changing, future-altering industry and humanitarian movement.”

“I had a good time. Very resourceful and great for networking.”

“An intimate and enjoyable gathering of cannabis pioneers, industry leaders and enthusiasts. CannaGrow Expo is a ‘must attend’ event!”

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April 17 + 18, 2020 / Chicago, IL
November 9 – 13, 2020 / Palm Springs, CA

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As COVID-19 continues to ravage the United States, we've discussed in detail our options for hosting Cultivation Week 2020 in Palm Springs with the venue, city officials, and the California CDC. At this time, we've decided there's no safe way for us to host this event in 2020, and have postponed Cultivation Week to our 2021 dates, September 14-19, 2021, in Palm Springs, CA.

Please do your part in wearing a mask. The event industry and all ancillary businesses touched by events have been crushed by COVID-19, putting millions out of work abruptly. This impact is felt particularly hard in the cannabis industry where federal relief funds are not available to many.
The fastest recovery from this downturn comes from everyone doing their part to combat the continued spread of COVID-19 so we can all get back to business safely, and soon!
So please, wear a mask (properly!).

All tickets, booths, and sponsorships purchased will be pushed forward to Cultivation Week 2021, September 14 - 19, 2021 in Palm Springs, CA.